Demon Girl Duet

Demon Girl Duet presents a sonic-video duet in the form of either a single-channel video projection or a two-channel video installation, juxtaposing and interweaving two separate but simultaneous journeys on rivers of mythic proportions. One journey leads us toward the sea down the Chang Jiang (Yangtze), China’s principle waterway, and the other takes us inland up the Niagara, which spans a 35-mile stretch of the border between Canada and the United States. Each journey is led by the same ‘tour guide’ in the form of an elusive, phantasmagorical swimmer who sings a haunting siren song of warning about the ecological and social consequences of controlling nature and human populations by imposing rational order and insatiable development.

In the installation version, the Chang Jiang River journey runs as a full wall-size projection along the left hand side while the Niagara River runs similarly on the right. Both river footage are played simultaneously and in synch with each other, but the audio alternates between the left and right speakers. The swimmer’s siren song is first heard with the Chang Jiang on the left hand side speaker. Toward the middle of the footage, at the point when the Three Gorges Dam (Chang Jiang) and the Horseshoe Falls (Niagara) appear, the left hand voice merges with the right hand voice issuing from the Niagara River. Here, a duet is heard. The soundtrack then gradually moves over to the right hand side speaker as we follow the swimmer inland up the Niagara River.

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